Main team members

MemberMain research topics

Unai Arronategui
Distributed architectures and P2P networks

José Angel Bañares
Cloud computing and interoperability

José Manuel Colom
Formal models and distributed systems

Ramón Hermoso
Distributed artificial intelligence

Mónica Hernández
Bioinformatics and machine learning

Sergio Ilarri
Data management and mobile computing

Elvira Mayordomo
Bioinformatics and computational complexity

Rafael Tolosana
Distributed systems and scientific workflows

Fernando Tricas
ICT infrastructures and security

Team Collaborators

CollaboratorMain research topics

Jörn Altmann
Economics of grid computing and cloud computing

Thierry Delot
Vehicular networks

Congduc Pham
Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing

Omer Rana
Intelligent systems and high performance distributed computing.

Óscar Urra
Mobile agents and vehicular networks

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